Terms and conditions for international products

Any item that is part of your order and that is identified with the Import logo (“International Products”) is sold by (i) Shopviit Export Sales LLC (“Shopviit USA”) or (ii) the Seller indicated in the product details page (“Seller”). These terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern the sale of International Products. The Shopviit.com.mx site, the apps and related services that are provided by Servicios Comerciales Shopviit Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V. and its affiliates (“Shopviit Mexico”) and your use of them are subject to the Shopviit.com Terms of Use. Shopviit Mexico facilitates transactions for Shopviit US and Sellers on the site, but is not the seller of such International Products.

International Product Warning

International Products are marketed, distributed and sold in the country from which they are shipped, but are available through Shopviit.com. By placing an order for an International Product, you acknowledge that it has not been imported into Mexico. You agree that the sale is subject to the laws of the country from which Shopviit USA or the Seller ships the item, as indicated on the product detail page.

Consequently, some International Products (as well as their complementary material) may not be designed in accordance with the labeling requirements and may differ from the versions available in Mexico, including their adjustment, configuration and language. International versions of certain products, such as software and DVDs, may be restricted in some regions. It is possible that: (i) the manufacturer’s warranty is invalid; (ii) that the manufacturer’s service options may not be available in Mexico; and (iii) that the manuals, instructions, and product safety warnings may not be written in Spanish. You are responsible for using the product properly and understanding all applicable instructions and warnings.

Import Fees and Responsibility for Importation

By ordering International Products on Shopviit.com. you are aware that you are the importer of the product to Mexico. You also agree that you are purchasing the International Product for personal use and not for resale purposes.

In the event that the relevant tax and customs authorities in Mexico (“Authorities”) require to make a payment of taxes, customs duties and fees (“Import Fees”) to import the International Product, the amount of said Import Fees will be included in the final amount of your order, as detailed below.

Import Fees are calculated based on the amount of your order. With respect to each International Product, you authorize Shopviit USA or the Seller (as applicable) to designate a transport company (“Carrier”) to act as your representative before the Authorities, carry out the customs clearance of your merchandise , process and remit the final amount of the Import Fee. For International Products that are sent by a Seller, the same must include the Import Rates in the price indicated for the item at the time of placing your order. In the event that the Seller or the Carrier requires you to pay an additional amount for Import Fees, you may request the Seller (a) a full refund, in case you reject the product, or (b) the refund of the amount additional fee you paid and keep the product. In the event that the Seller does not respond to your refund request within two business days, you may initiate a Warranty request from A to Z.

When ordering International Products that are shipped by Shopviit from the United States, you will be charged an estimated amount of Import Fees (“Deposit”). The Deposit is calculated based on the price of the product before applying any discounts or promotions. The Deposit is not necessarily the final amount of the Import Fees that the Authorities will collect at the time of importation into Mexico. You will receive a notification email confirming the amount of the refund. You will receive your refund when we receive the invoices from the carrier confirming the actual Import Rates. If the final amount of the Import Fees is less than the Deposit, we will automatically refund the difference. If the final amount of the Import Fees exceeds your Deposit, Shopviit. will pay the additional amount. You agree that the Shipper communicates to Amazon the final amount of the Import Fees.

When shipping to Mexico products sold by Shopviit USA and designated with the “Import” logo, you will be provided an estimated amount of the likely Import Fees imposed on the products in your order (“Import Fees Deposit”). By placing your order, you authorize Shopviit USA to collect the Import Fee Deposit for the corresponding products in your order. The Deposit of Import Fees is not the definitive amount of the Import Fees that the Authorities will collect at the time of importation into Mexico. The Deposit of Import Fees will be used, in its name and representation, to reimburse the Carrier, the Import Fees that it has paid to the Authorities.

For details regarding Import Fees, or to obtain documentation or receipts related to customs clearance, you may contact the Carrier specified in the shipment confirmation email.

Online Digital Tax Receipt (CFDI)

We will not issue electronic invoices (CFDI) for items sold by a Marketplace seller and shipped by Shopviit from the United States, since international sellers who are located outside of Mexico and are not registered as taxpayers in Mexico are not required to provide electronic invoices in accordance with Mexican tax legislation. The order confirmation email sent by Shopviit can serve as a record of the purchase and you can print a copy for your records. If you need an equivalent or similar proof, you should contact the seller directly to request it.

Returns and Refunds

When you return an order sent by Shopviit from the United States, Shopviit or the Seller, as applicable, does not assume title to the returned product until it is received at the return address. Shopviit or the Seller, as appropriate, reserve the right to refund the amount of the product without requiring its return. In such case, the ownership of the product whose price has been refunded will not pass to Shopviit or to the Seller, as the case may be.

When you return an order sent by a Seller, your return will be sent back to the Seller. Although most Sellers offer a return policy the same as Shopviit.com, some may vary. You can check the return policy of each Seller in the Online Return Center or in the Seller’s profile, which is linked to the details of your order.

Disputes / Binding Arbitration and Limitations of Liability

Any dispute or claim in relation to International Products will be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the Disputes section of the Conditions of Use.


We reserve the right to make changes to its terms, conditions and policies, including these Terms, at any time. You will be subject to the terms, conditions and policies and these Terms are the Terms in effect at the time of purchase of the International Product. If any of these Terms is considered invalid, void, or unenforceable for any reason, such terms will be considered independent and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any of the remaining terms.


Your privacy is important to us, and we know that you care about the use of the information in your purchase order. Our clients must bear in mind that all cross-border shipments are subject to opening and inspection by the Authorities.

Also that we provide our international carriers with certain information regarding orders, shipments and products, such as the product name or titles, and that carriers may share such information with the Authorities in order to facilitate customs clearance and compliance. of local laws.

If the order is a gift, the packaging is marked as “Gift”, but the cost of the item will still be included in the customs clearance form.

The Authorities require that the value of the gift item be declared directly on the packaging.